Buying Property in Scotland

We have been buying residential property across Scotland, helping thousands of clients in securing the right home.

Buying will be one of the largest financial commitments you will make and accordingly can be a stressful procedure. Our role is to make the whole process as smooth a run as possible for you. We strive to achieve the very best for our clients providing our expert opinion and applying our wealth of experience.

Expert Property Buyers

Ralph Hendrie Legal are solicitors and estate agents. We can handle all aspects of your property purchase for you. From beginning, to the end, trust us to purchase your chosen property for you in Scotland on your behalf.

At Ralph Hendrie Legal, we have a team who are experts in purchasing property on behalf of our clients in Scotland. Choosing a property you want to buy is just the first step you need to take in your purchase journey.

Talk to us for assistance with the next steps. We will hold your hand and guide you through buying your dream property in Scotland.

Guide to Purchasing a Home in Scotland

Finding the right home for you

Firstly, once you have decided on the area in which you desire to own a home, it is important to know what properties are available. Fortunately, on the Ralph Hendrie Legal website we have a search tool where you simply enter in a key word, or area name, and you will find all the properties we have for sale on a map for easy reference. You can also sign up for alerts via email and will be advised of relevant properties as they become available, both on the market, and privately.

Here at Ralph Hendrie Legal we have a very experienced team who are more than happy to provide advice so that you can decide if a property is right for you; simply give us a call on 0131 370 0470 or send us an email to 

Our team are happy to provide you with advice on all aspects of the buying process, helping you to review the home report and to determining if the asking price of a property is reasonable, including advice on submitting an offer to secure your dream home.

Organising your finances

It is essential to have your finances in order before starting the buying process. This step will help to avoid disappointment when submitting offers. We are happy to advise who to speak to in order to start this process.


Most people require financial assistance when purchasing a property. The most common loan taken up by property buyers in Scotland is a Mortgage.

We work with a variety of Mortgage Advisers and are happy to recommend companies to you to ensure you get the right product, please contact us to find out more.

Home Reports

Home Reports were introduced in late 2008 with the intention of providing buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision about purchasing a property and prevent buyers for paying for surveys on multiple properties when ultimately, they will only secure one.

The report consists of three components; a single survey – which will provide the mortgage valuation for the property and grades the state of repair and condition of the property for 24 elements on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 being the best), an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – outlining the environmental impact of the property and its energy efficiency, and a Property Questionnaire which will assist potential purchasers with information such as factoring charges, utility providers, maintenance guarantees, etc.

Next steps after the viewing

Once you have viewed a property, and decided it is right for you, just contact us and we will review the home report for you and contact the selling agent to find out the position of the sale and note your interest.

What happens after submitting a note of interest?

Once you have submitted a note of interest, we will know how many interested parties there are and help you to review the home report. We would then advise on whether to wait for a closing date to be set or to make an offer. It is good to note that it is not essential to submit a note of interest if you want to buy the property and are in the position to make an offer.

Closing date

A closing date tends to be set when there are a few interested parties. The closing date is the deadline for all parties to submit their best and final offers. The seller is not obliged to accept an offer at a closing date.

Submitting an offer

  1. We call the seller’s agent before submitting a formal or written offer, to establish out how many notes of interest have been put in for the property in consideration. This will indicate the level of competition and the realistic price that the seller would accept for the property.
  2. A verbal offer may then be made to the seller and it may reveal if the price suggested is acceptable or not.
  3. Formal offers in Scotland are sent in printed format, at this stage the offer is subject to you securing funding on the property and an acceptable home report survey being provided. We will then review the Title Deeds for you and go through the contract with you. This process can take 3-4 weeks and during this time the offer is not legally- binding. Once we are satisfied with the Title and happy that your funding is in place, you will enter into a concluded contract which is often referred to as being in concluded missives – you are then contractually bound by the purchase. The ‘entry date’ is the date you will pay for the property and collect keys to take possession.

4. You will then be registered as the new owner on the land register at the Registers of Scotland – this is public record.

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